Quit smoking App - User Experience Research and Design


The Ultimate Goal

The purpose of this study is to evaluate:

  • the user’s perception of an app that is intended to help people quit smoking
  • feedback from targeted users about myprototype

  • Quitting smoking is so hard that most smokers kick themselves for even starting. Not everyone who smokes enjoys it, as evident by the nearly 7 out of 10 smokerswho’ve said they want to quit completely. While many smokers have switched to e-cigarettes, those people shouldn’t be considered nonsmokers. They’re still slaves to nicotine. It’s just delivered in a less flammable way. But quitting —as in getting out of nicotine addiction once and for all —takes way more than a little willpower.

    First some research,

  • The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests 8 to 11 attempts. The American Cancer Society believes 8 to 10. The Australian Cancer Council is less optimistic with 12 to 14 attempts.
  • The study by researchers at the University of Toronto suggests it’s more likely it’ll take a smoker 30 attempts or more to go a full year without any cigarettes.

  • Now I further defined the problem so that its addressable in the following way:
  • WHAT: An independent app that can help(Other ideas brainstormed 1. Chat bot; 2. Companion app integrated to existing services from hospitals/helplines)
  • WHO: Adults (18+, motivated to quit)?[Target Audience]
  • WHEN: The app can be used when someone wants to quit smoking, and also can be used after some has quit smoking.
  • WHY: this is the ultimate goal
  • HOW: by providing information on smoking facts, daily intakes, goals, communities, achievements, challenges and saving environment [more on description of the app]

  • App Description

    It helps to choose the approach that works best for you — going cold turkey or slowly decreasing your nicotine intake — and tracing your cigarette consumption and your cravings for proof that you really are making progress. The app’s built-in community is a great place for inspiration and support from other people trying to quit. You also have the option of participating in a several environmentally friendly events that the app will notify you. Also, complete challenges, get achievements and enjoy the gamification process. The app will allow you to host meetings and also get notified about the meetings created by your common friends who uses the app.

    Design Goals

    The goal of the design is to make people love the app and keep engaged on the app so that they will progress in their journey of quitting to smoke. It focuses on the user needs and also is inspired from their current practices. This will indeed make the design very user friendly and keep the user away from the smoking world which is basically the ultimate goal, thus it isvery important that the design goal and the ultimate goal connects.What I wanted to transmit in the app was something completely different from what the competitors are doing out there. After talking with a small sample size, I found out they were not very happy with the normal way of use of the quitting apps.I used this feedback to define my key features.

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